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 If you are planning to buy a Vehicle, RV, Boat or make Home Improvements then contact us first. We can pre-qualify you quickly at a low fixed rate!               

Just complete the personal financial statement or come into the branch and we'll get you on your way.
Personal Financial Statement   NADA Vehicle Guides
Payment Calculator Kelley Blue Book

 We can also help you book out that purchase to help determine if the price is right for you.   For a vehicle, RV or boat loan, the Annual Percentage Rate is calculated based on the year, loan term and your personal credit rating.   Use the payment calculator to help you determine the vehicle you can afford, book out the vehicles using the NADA and Kelley Blue Book and then print the consumer loan application form to bring into your loan officer to finance your vehicle.  To speak with a Loan Officer, call or email a branch most convenient to you. 


Ready Reserve Line of Credit   Overdraft protection with a revolving line of credit. Apply today!  

Low Interest Rate - WSJ Prime + 7%
         > You pay interest only on what you have borrowed.
*  Flexible Payment Schedule - 5% of the principal balance or $30, whichever is greater;
    however if your balance is less than $30, the entire balance plus interest will be due.
*  One Time Setup Fee $50 (includes credit report fee).
No fee if you call for an advance into your checking account.
$2 each for an automatic transfer to your checking account.
Notice mailed for each advance made.
Your activity shows on your monthly checking statement!

Here is how to establish your Ready Reserve:  Complete a basic credit application and provide a current paystub. We will be happy to help you with any questions. After you have completed the application, we will review the information and your credit report and notify you of the status by phone or email.  If approved your loan documents can be ready as soon as you need them.

 Twin River National Bank
Geographic Limitations  - Our primary lending area is the Lewis-Clark Valley. 
We will also accept applications within 100 miles of the nearest branch.